"Cyanoman" - CM 6.1.1

This is a Cyanogen 6.1.1 Custom ROM which has overclocking and multitouch incorporated. There has been confusion about Cyanogen Mod so here is an explanation.

What is CM 6?
Basically it is changes to the underlying Android OS (Froyo for CM6) which increase performance and speed and increase the options for tweaking.

  • Version 1 - Initial release
  • Version 2 - Rebase on Beta version of marcNvidic's CM6 and OVERCLOCK AND MULTITOUCH
Known Issues:
  • None for now
Visit our XDA thread for support here

Download Link:
Download v2 from Mediafire


  1. Don't forget those patched XMLs for multitouch permissions..! ;)

  2. Yep - getting it up soon but focusing on Gingerman right now

  3. Any thoughts on why the stock Huawei FM Radio apk wouldn't be working? Or the HTC version?

  4. Sorry if im out of line here but will this work on Huawei U8220 ? I've been searching for decent rooms for it and cant seem to find anything

  5. tilal, is the gps working in this CM6? (I remember some older version from you with that problem. For the rest it was more stable than CM7, so maybe I can give it a try)

  6. When I try to install it, it says installation aborted. Any suggestions?

  7. Dorid_addict, try redownloading the ROM, and/or updating your recovery. The latest Clockworkmod works.
    But anyways... Has there been a fix for the MAC address issue? My stepdad's a bit gutted about not being able to have CM6 on his Ideos too, since the MAC addresses conflict.
    I tried the Hero fastboot method, but no dice :(
    Also "ifconfig eth0 hw ether" doesn't work, nor do any apps on the Market.... let us know if you guys get a fix (or if Gingerman fixes the problem ;) )

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  9. Thanks Chris it installs perfectly, using the lastest
    clockworkmod but it gets stuck on the ideos screen any suggestions?

  10. talil, thanks this is the best rom. your work is always the best

  11. does it work on u8100?

  12. Also gets stuck on the ideos screen for me, too. Was looking forward to using this. :/