Sunday, November 13, 2011

New nightly released!

Hey everyone. Long time no post. All the devving has been going on on the XDA thread so nothing much has happened here.

But now I'm back. And with a new nightly. ONLY FLASH IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Here it is
  • Synced with latest repos
  • Android 2.3.7
  • All bugs fixed apart from tempermental USB mounting. 
  • You can use QTADB for that though
Download here
Also I will post a new link for Gingerman later today if you don't want to flash a nightly.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

CyanogenMod Nightly 08182011 has been released!

A new CyanogenMod nightly has been released. It's the first nightly to be released as promised in the last post. It fixes the following problems and carries the following updates:
  • Synced with CM repos
  • Fix for the audio routing bug
  • End of all WiFi problems (hopefully!)
  • Android 2.3.5!
This should only be downloaded by people who know what they are doing. DON'T download if you are new to Android / Ideos - please head over to the Gingerman page and download the ROM there instead. 

Please don't complain if something breaks in here - they are nightlies after all and are not meant to be stable - however if you do spot a bug, head over here to report it and I will try to get it fixed in the next build.
If you like the ROM please donate:

Download (only if you know what you are doing): here

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gingerman v7 has been released.

Before you download Gingerman please read this: 

If you didn't see on the XDA page, I've purchased the ZTE Skate. As this is a new device I will devote most of my dev time to this device. Along with So this the ROM has been getting a lot of criticism for bugs. Now a lot of these bugs are a Cyanogen not device related. So from now on I've decided to change the way Gingerman is released. From now on Gingerman will only be released when a stable CM is released. Between these I will be releasing nightly builds instead of Gingerman builds. 

If you like the ROM then please click Donate below! Below the donate button is the exciting stuff!!! 


The new version of Gingerman has been released!
The main things: 
  • The really bad audio bug has been fixed
  • Multiple other bugfixes
  • Synced with latest CM repos
  • Multiple hidden extras :)
You can get it as usual through ROM Manager. 

Full changelog can be found here.

Hope you all like it :) (and don't forget to click thanks on the XDA page for Dev Team members or donate above)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hidden SSID bug.

OK. I need your help everyone.

Anyone who can change their router settings can try this. Change the SSID to a hidden one. Then take an ADB logcat as you try and connect to the hidden network. Put it on pastebin and post the link here. The connection should not work as reported by many people but I will have an idea of what is causing the problem. This request is because, as I have said in the past, my ISP does't allow me to change my router settings.

Thanks for anyone who helps

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gingerman v6.5.1

Gingerman v6.5.1 has been released! This bugfix release fixes the issue with the updater script which prevented the ROM from being flashed as well as fixing backlight of soft keys and audio as well.

Sorry for the disasterous 6.5 and hope this makes up for it. :)

Donate on the Gingerman page if you like the ROM or click thanks on XDA :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011



Gingerman v6.5

The new version of Gingerman has been released!
The main things: 
  • It's synced with the latest CM repos.
  • It defaults to an overclock of 600MHz so it can be used on all devices.
  • But it has the possibility to overclock to 729MHz.
  • It is better than the CM7.1 RC1
  • It has the cool new screenshot feature from the CM repos. You can access it by opening the power menu.
  • It has fixes for the WiFi issues people have been having.
  • Multiple bugfixes from the CM repos.
  • Go Launcher EX included (my personal favourite - if you don't like it ADW is still an option and others can be downloaded from the market).
  • And speaking of the market...
  • MARKET 3.0 is INCLUDED. It works very well on the Ideos and seems even to be unlocked - Skype appears for me. There does however seem to be a problem with updates. If this happens then you can flash GAPPs and it will revert to the old market
  • And many hidden extras...
You can get it as usual through ROM Manager. BUT BE WARNED - the ROM automatically wipes data!

Full changelog can be found here.

Hope you all like it :) (and don't forget to click thanks on the XDA page for Dev Team members or donate above)