Friday, May 27, 2011

Complaints about Gingerman v5.1

There have been numerous complaints about the state of Gingerman v5.1. I think the general opinion is that it is not as good as previous versions. There have also been numerous bug reports and bad comments about it.

People - this is a free ROM and you aren't paying for it. People may say that this is the case for other ROMs as well. But these other ROMs can release have no restrictions on them - they aren't limited by anything. I however am limited by the fact that I have to stick to the CM7 tree - so any changes in CM7 - for better or worse affects the ROM directly and I ma unable to do anything about it.

Many people have reported "bugs" in the ROM - which are actually changes / bugs in CM 7. I can't do anything about these as I am not part of the CM project. E.g. APN not being detected automatically is definitely a CM issue as ports for other devices have also reported this issue.

I will do my level best to fix these issues regardless but please don't take such a negative tone all the time- If there are genuine bugs then by all means report it. But please don't criticise it. I have put a lot of time and effort into the ROM and it makes me feel bad that people criticise it.

Remember. This is Gingerbread. When I first got this phone I thought it would be luck if someone managed to get Gingerbread booting on the phone. This is actually a fully working working port albeit with some bugs. For ages there was a build with just the phone booting - nothing else.

Still my thanks go out to all of you especially for those people who have supported me. Hopefully v6 will be a much better release.


  1. i would just say thank you for all your work. only kids and people never coded for open source projects don't understand how much work is needed and how big smile a free "thank you" will be given to the devs.

    thank you again, go ahead!

  2. Mate i can't believe ur worried about these schmucks! ur doing a great job... keep it up :)
    it's great that ur supporting such a cheap phone!

  3. @Anon
    Thanks for the support. It really helps when you feel like people actually see the value in what you do

  4. Don't bother people who criticise you and your work, they just play on their phone without doing anything useful for the community.
    No one is perfect on this world and Gingerman is not too, but I hope it almost will be in the near future! :)

    Thank you!

  5. not thinking about others. You're doing a great job.YOU'RE A HERO! :)

  6. I'm happy you released a version with 2.3.4 which protects us from the < 2.3.3 security issue. v5.1 of your release looks a bit different, but I don't care too much, actually. It's still working like a charm; it hasn't crashed or anything.

    Keep up the good work! I just installed v5.1 and I'm already looking forward to installing your next release.

  7. Excellent work, as always. Keep it up!

  8. I haven't downloaded 5.1 yet (still on v4) but I have to say I am already sincerely in your debt as well as the rest of the dev team, however active they may be on the project.

    The idea that this post is even necessary boggles the mind. I feel bad that I don't sit on the forum filing bug reports, because the benefit I get from a user-developed, functional gingerbread ROM is amazing. This is an absolutely entry level phone which now has the cutting edge capabilities of a phone multiple times the price, thanks to you and your colleagues. Thank you. A million times, thank you. If this ROM didn't even boot I would still be indebted to you for you simply trying.

  9. in my opinion you have made a good rom, that works well on my phone,without any big problem and with a perfect stability.

    Well done!

    Thanks a lot

  10. First, good your the hard work your team has made into ths rom series. They are far better than stock Idesos/Comet one. As advertised, lag is gone, AWLauncher hasn't crashed yet.

    And to the rest of the people complaining "If you want 100% stability, then stay with your stock unrooted phone". If you want bleeding edge at expense of a bug or two, then give the rom a try and don't demand immediate fixes for it.

  11. amazing - thanks!!!

  12. Dude, those guys who complain are arseholes and don't deserve to benefit from any of your hard work. Keep it up man.

  13. U continue ur good work dude..people who are complaining about this rom,doesnt know what it is like making a custom rom,and that too on a device like ideos.

    btw did u guys changed lcd density to 110 from 120?i flashed 5.1 over 5.0,everythin is working well for me,except that 110lcd density makes some apps fc.So i changed it back to 120,and everythin works fine :)

    Once again thanks for this awsome rom.

  14. @mysterious: thanks for that advice! I thought something in the fonts had changed (but the files were the same in the fonts folder) or something in the rendering... Turned out it was the LCD density!

    I'm now officially 100% happy with this release. AWESOME! :)

  15. How do I change lcd density ?

  16. First time with this ROM. Thanks so much for the great release, excellent work.

  17. @Anonymous (about changing LCD density/DPI): I first tried it with the free app 'LCDDensity for Root'. It worked, so I moved to 'LCD Density Changer', which costs $1 or so...

    With the latter app you can make the changes permanent, so it retains the DPI settings even if you remove the battery at some point.

  18. GO ON!!!!!!! Your releases are great!!! i can't say how much i apreciate this work... some ppl may think that they are paying for this... but they are not!... so stop screaming for bugfixes!! the devs are doing their best!!!!

  19. @Benny

    Changing ro.sf.lcd_density to 120 in build.prop file will be an easier way if you know how to add/delete files in /system .

    i copied build.prop to my pc and edited,then copied it to sdcard.Then used FileExpert to move it to /system.

  20. Awesome work! And I've been running it stable from day 1.

    You need to realise the reason people are getting so vocal is because they love what you are giving them and then get frustrated. It's their problem not yours.

    Hit me up at Primax[at]Gmail[dot]com if you need a hand with development. I would love to get my hands dirty with the code.

  21. hi!i am from taiwan,thank you about supporting this phone. i think gingerman is the best rom for u8150,keep working,don't give up!

  22. I focus on those people that have critises the Gingerman v5.1 rom-others that haven't say any bad think about don't give any charge on this post- and those that have report the bugs i say a "thanks" to those people that have report the bugs because it helps the dev's make the rom better in their next ver. or next release of this rom in adition for all those you have say BAD thinks about the rom and the dev's by the way i have to say for all those to say first a thanks for this wonderfull job where the Ideos Dev Team had make and then report POLITE without offending the dev's from their comments then they can report their compleins about the rom and the bugs where they see inside it!
    That i have to say!!

    A big thanks to the Developers and KEEP WORKING for a better release of this rom!!


  24. Yeah - I'm enjoying the ROM too.

    This is one of the cheapest Android phones on the market* - in fact probably about the cheapest anyone can build a usable phone. One would think a phone of this level would be stuck with Android 1.6 forever, and having stock Froyo, let alone Gingerman, is a real treat!

    (* - $100 for T-mo prepaid, no contract. $1.50/day for tetherable mobile data, 30MB of it fast :) )

  25. i installed foryoman and cynoman 6.. both are installed succesfully.. buty when i tried to install cyanogenmod 7 via CWM its install quickly (no progress bar move)... and after the reboot there is only boot screen logo and then restart.... any sugestion... i used default kernal..

    huwai u8150-b (ZONG PAKISTAN)

  26. Obviously, the people who complained didn't read the comments on the release post. Most of the "problems" can be fixed by changing the LCD density in build.prop back to the Ideos' default 120 - as long as you don't mind a slightly squished dialer. It even says right in build.prop (as a comment) that the LCD density tweak was a dirty fix for the dialer resolution.

    So, for those of you who can't live with the UI as it comes out-of-the-box on this version, there you go.

    Its soooo much faster then my stock rom.
    thanks heaps for making 2.3 avalible on my phone.

    keep it up!