Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gingerman v5 status update

Just a heads up for everyone on the progress of Gingerman v5. It's looking good as I have the build working well on my phone. Everything seems to be working well - lag after using camera and other apps and accelerometer have been fixed as has the use of the camcorder. Gingerman v5 will be based on Android 2.3.4 so will be immune to the recent scare around data leakage as reported by many websites in the past few days (Google have rolled out a backend update anyway). It is also based on CM 7.1.

Also in future we would like everyone to report possible bugs here

That's all for this post. Thanks for all the support and good comments. Just remember to thank me and the other members of the Dev Team at our XDA thread  :)


  1. thanks :D waiting for it..

  2. what about wifi + OC + MT kernels?

  3. thanks for the great rom.

  4. cant post bugs .. it say Error 403

    Write access required

    But well..
    -In Gingerman wifi doesn't work
    -The themes has some crappy images...
    -Lag before closing some apps... ex, Using camera, then i quit the app and the phone turns unusable for about 1 minute...

  5. awesome!! looking forward to it :)

  6. 1、破音

  7. Thanks for the status update! I'm really looking forward to version 5.

    I've been using this ROM for about a week now (version 4) and I'm very happy with it! It's the first ROM I've tried and I think I don't have to look any further. It's not as stable as Google's own release, but it's clearly stable for everyday use.

    Most of the crashes happen when I installed a new app and launch it right away. This doesn't cause a problem for other functionality once the phone has rebooted.

    And I have to say... MY PHONE IS FRICKING FAST NOW! :| I also noticed that the battery went down about 1% in 6 hours when idling with 3G and Wifi off. This is really amazing!

  8. Been running v5.0 for a couple days now, had to edit the HWchecks in the buildscript to get it to run,
    I cant fault it, no problems at all so far

  9. good good good very stable the best