Friday, July 29, 2011

Hidden SSID bug.

OK. I need your help everyone.

Anyone who can change their router settings can try this. Change the SSID to a hidden one. Then take an ADB logcat as you try and connect to the hidden network. Put it on pastebin and post the link here. The connection should not work as reported by many people but I will have an idea of what is causing the problem. This request is because, as I have said in the past, my ISP does't allow me to change my router settings.

Thanks for anyone who helps


  1. Could someone post a link on how to do this? My Googlefu is not working in this area.

  2. What does the provider? Take the access point and set the Broadcast SSID disable. After that it is impossible to connect to it.

  3. here ya go..


    Here's another. I haven't filtered it, so I hope what you need is in there.
    Thanks for all your work. :-)


    Linksys WAP54G with DD-WRT micro firmware. Broadcasting (SSID) turned off. Didn't manage to connect to my access point as reported.

    Used the old profile that was created while the SSID was NOT hidden and tried to use that to connect.

  6. Yes, WiFi cannot be connected if SSID is disabled. Even cannot be connected when SSID is re-enabled while the IDEOS is scanning. Guess there is a problem when discovering available WiFi networks. Donno how to get ADB logcat, tho hope this helps...


    here you go another one, hope you find it useful..
    Cisco EPC3825 EuroDocsis 3.0 Gateway