Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Models, Models, Models (and other stuff)

There has been a lot of information going back and forth in the community so I decided to aggregate a lot of the important stuff here. THIS WILL BE A LONG POST.

1. Models
It has been discovered that not all models of the Ideos are the same as many people originally thought. There are 4 different models of the Ideos:
  • U8150-A
  • U8150-B
  • U8150-C
  • U8150-D
  • C8150
The 2nd and 4th are the most popular. I have the 4th and Gingerman v6.1 is sooo much better than v5.1. This is the opposite for the people with the first one - there are stability issues as well as battery problems. The 3rd seems to be almost non-existant - very few people have it. And the 4th one - it is the CDMA version. I included experimental support in v6.1 but it doesn't seem to have worked. This means that I am dropping support for it all together. I do not have the device and in the UK, CDMA is not present at all. This means there is no way I can make a ROM for this device. Sorry C8150 users :(

The way you can find which model you have is by removing the battery and just above the SIM card there will be the model number. On the same note, from now on any bugs reported will need to have the model number as part of them or they will be rejected.
2. Donations
Just want to say a quick thank you to all the people who have donated so far. These are:
  • Benjamin van der Burgh
  • Anthony Maniatopoulos
  • David Smith
  • Iwan Suheri
Thanks a lot to them. If you want to donate as well (I would be very grateful) click on the button below:

3. Progress update on things which need to be fixed
Audio - It's getting there - maybe not in the next release but in the release afterwards.
Multitouch and overclock in the same kernel - also getting there. As soon as Huawei release the kernel source for the U8160 I should be able to make this happen.
FM radio - Same as above
Haptic feedback (vibration on softkeys) - After a lot of intensive research I am forced to conclude the same thing as marcnvidic when he was working on CM7 - read his reply here - Sorry :(
4. Status Update on next version
It's coming soon but I'm taking a break for a few days. Also I have an interesting way to split up the releases in the future - more information nearer the time.
 That's all folks. Thanks for all the support and sticking by me. :)


  1. thnx 4 info til ^^

    I have U8150-D I'm guessing U8150 should be 1st in list i.e. it's -A [minus the -A o/c] as with the natural progression of things -D must have slight improvements over -C & so forth. This would explain why a lot of people can't use full oc'ed kernel etc.

    ;-P glad I've got -D model then...

    On a personal note I've had to switch back to a diff. custom ROM which has all components working i.e. GPS, maps etc. as I'm starting a new job which has some travel involved & I will need these ph features...

    I will however keep one eye on developments ^^


  2. I have one that says "Model:U8150-A" right above the SIM card as well as "U8150-A" is included in the FCC ID and in one other location under the battery. Seems to work well with GMv6.1 OC. I do not have multi-touch but OC to 729 works fine.

  3. Oops XD there are 5 models then ^^ A,B,C,D & CDMA [lol @ self shoud have read more closely] :soz:

    would be interesting to find out differences between versions ;-)

  4. I have a model U8150-B, is it possible to count on correcting problems with the battery?

  5. dear Lalit, first of all thx for all the work and status update.

    In order to track down the battery issue i would ask you the differences between 5.1 and 6 (6.1 has the same issues of 6).

    It would be nice to have source code available and i'll be happy to contribute. isn't this GPL style?

    keep on with great work :)

  6. The source code I use has been available for a very long time at You should fork it and then you can make changes. :)

  7. Thanks for the transparent feedback. I just bought my U8150-D in Kenya last week, so I'm a bit behind on the community development efforts... but I'm coming!

    Already forking, compiling, and writing tutorials about IDEOS stuff.

    FYI, my github is here:

    Thanks again.

  8. Most of your donate buttons are broken.

  9. so does that means that people with U8150-B will never be able to enjoy ur hard work as people with u8150-D :( sad news for me as i got u8150-B

  10. i would definitely love to hear more about what are the differences between U8150-B and -D , and would you be developing specifically for U8150-D from future dropping the support for U8150-B completely :(

  11. I have several findings on my U8150-B:
    1. If I don't insert SIM card to it, it can run for long time with some web surfing and some email pushing
    2. Even I set it to "ondemand" and 31-600MHz on default kernel, it seems still draining the battery when idle, ie. 4 hours max.
    3. I tried to use multitouch kernel now, 122-600MHz ondemand, and inserted SIM card, the battery level seems to become much normal.

    From these findings, I suspect the problem is due to normal kernel + SIM card? I am not sure, need to do more experiment.

  12. @EDDY - No I will support the -B version

  13. @Lalit

    thx i was really dump not to find it (maybe you can post a link on this blog)

    question, as i want to bisect and understand the same issue i have of Fai Wong for battery issues....

    can you tell me the release 5.1 and 6.0 commit statuses id?

    so i will clone it from that and then check one by one until i find the power regression issue

  14. @Patrizio Bassi
    I think I have already found the issue but without having a -B Ideos I can't be sure. I will include the fix in the next release and if it doesn't work them we can do as you suggested.

  15. will the overclock kernel support ideos u8150-b?
    what is deffrient with u8150-b and u8150-d?

  16. @Lalit
    well done man!

    just a hint: next release (v7?) will have some other differences from 6.x that may affect the check.

    if you want and of course have the time, you can build a 6.0 or 6.1 with that patch and we'll be glad to test to be sure it's gone so v7 will be bug free. your decision, we're waiting for that :)

    by the way any progress on headphones issues too?

  17. There is a thing that I really want. The lock animation of Gingerbread :D


  19. ya solucione varios errores en en la version cyanogenmod 7 cualquie pregunta les dejo mi correo

  20. On mine it says "Модель: U8150" (the word "model" in Russian) without any variant suffix. I have not tried installing cyanogenmod yet.