Friday, July 1, 2011

Updates on previous post

Just a quick update to everyone. The community has unearthed another model of the Ideos - the U8150-A. The performance on this device is as good as the U8150-D. I have changed the previous post to reflect this.

Also there has been some confusion as to whether I would be dropping support for the U8150-B. No I will not be dropping support. I will continue to support all models of the Ideos apart from the C8150 where it is practically impossible for me to do so.

Finally (thanks to @sharp for pointing this out), most of the donate buttons I was using were broken. So here is a fixed version. Thanks in advance for anyone who wants to donate!


  1. Why you've dropped support on C8150..
    I've tried ur ROM..
    It's exactly rum on my C8150..
    Just a bug, is same from U8180 ROM ported..
    It's showing triangle roaming it's blinking then ringing..
    The APN gone..
    It's walk fast ever, call, sms, camera is ok..
    Just a little bit more..
    It has to been done, I think..
    Thx for all..

  2. Anon....he has already explained why he is dropping support for your phone because he does not have access to a C8150 model to test bug fixes etc. Get a grip!

  3. @ Muttley

    But, it's so sad..
    I just waiting for gingerbread ROM release for C8150..
    I've try it out, It so awesome..
    200% than froyo..
    If only I can help them for testing, but I don't know how to started..
    I feel so courios about this..
    What a really different GSM and CDMA ROM ?

  4. At Least on my country (Indonesia) have test Gingerman 6.1 on their device C8150..
    And have work, even at start it being bugging with trangle roaming blinking, just editing build.prop..
    Just wondering if it's only those bugs only produced by settings on build.prop?..

  5. Thanks a heap for your work on the ROM, great to have something better than stock but still stable :)

    Since upgrading from 5.1 to 6.1 it seems to use a bit more battery (U8150-D here). I have a suspicion that it might be using more memory somewhere, so apps like K9 spend a bit more time being restarted/reconnecting often after other apps force them out of memory?

    The ad-blocking /etc/hosts doesn't seem like a great idea to me - it's 600kB of data that'll probably stay cached in memory, and every call to gethostbyname()/getaddrinfo() etc will have to iterate over the entire file. (At least I don't think there's a caching resolver library, looking at )

    Keep up the good work :)

  6. hey, does it work on huawei smart android (u8160) ??

  7. My mobile phone does not work because I have installed firmware for another mobile phone
    Please help me because I in trouble because the mobile phone is not mine, but belongs to my friend
    My phone is huawei ideos u8150-d phone firmware campaign is to huawei u8120
    And I've tried to install firmware ideos u8150 but fables of the installation fails